What do I Need?

So you just got your first racing drone, or maybe you are just thinking about it, and you want to come race… the most common question is “What do I need?”

  • Drone to Race With, Transmitter to control it, Goggles or Screen to see.
    This ones obvious, hard to race without one!  For most of our outdoor races you will want a drone running 3s or 4s batteries and swinging 3″ to 6″ props.  Whatever transmitter gets the job done, I suggest the buy-once-cry-once method for Transmitters, and the same with goggles or screen.  But anything that lets you fly will do the job.
  • Batteries (& Charger)
    We will fly 2-3 practice heats, and 5-8 race heats on average.  This means if you only fly when we have controlled flying happening you will fly 7-11 times in a day.  Don’t have 11 batteries?  Bring what you have and a charger, or likely someone can let you borrow a charger… hell, some of us even have enough batteries to loan some out.
  • Props… LOTS of them!
    Nothing ruins your day worse than not being able to fly  your $300’s worth of drone like being out of $2 worth of props!
  • Basic Tools
    Everyone should bring the basic tools to work on their drones.  If you don’t have something, don’t worry, one of the vets probably does.
  • The Right Attitude
    You will crash, you will be beat, you may get stuck in a tree, and you’ll quite possibly break something.  But you will have fun if you have the right attitude!

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