March 16, 2017

Support 515FPV

515FPV has been racing since late in 2015 and we have accumulated quite a bit of equipment and props to make our races amazing. We raise money through our club dues, race fees, advertising and donations. If you would like to support our cause you may do so by donating here. Below you will find a few of the items we are currently seeking to fund, any amount you donate will be appreciated!

Tornado Alley Startup Costs ($Lots)

We have signed a 3 year lease on Tornado Alley to hold events, startup costs include money for the lease, insurance, signage, permits, and so on… Donations will go towards making this a reality and a better place to hold events!

Generator Fund (~$300 needed)

Want to help fund a Generator for 515FPV?  A 4000kw generator will cost us around $225-300, and will provide electricity at our events.

Canopy Fund (~$900 needed)

We need 3 canopies for our events, these aren’t cheap but they are extremely well built and will last a lot longer than their cheaper cousins.

Pilot Ground Stations ($200 needed)

The hardware for our DVR system is all purchased, to expand this to support pilot ground stations we need to buy some more cables, tripods, and pilot chairs.

RF Explorer ($270 needed)

The RF Explorer will allow us to verify pilots are on the right frequency and power outputs making our events better for everyone.

Safety Netting (~$135 needed)

Safety netting for pilots and observer areas, $45 gets us 10×20 and we need a few of these.