April 20, 2017

Recommended Gear

515FPV doesn’t care what you run, as long as it works for you, and doesn’t negatively impact anyone’s experience.  The unfortunate reality though is that certain gear can seriously ruin an event for other pilots, even if it works fine for you.  This page will cover the gear we recommend, and at some point in the future may cover gear we require rather than recommend.

Video Transmitters

Your video transmitter is the single most important piece of the FPV experience, both for you and the pilots around you.  There are cheap 200mw transmitters out there blasting out 800mw of power which will make an event a nightmare.

Currently recommended transmitters:

  • TBS Unify Pro HV (Standard or Race)
  • TBS Unify Pro
  • Immersion RC Tramp
  • FXT Transmitters
  • RMRC Crickets

5.8ghz Transmitter Antenna

A quality set of antennas goes a long ways towards making an event successful.  Antennas must be RHCP or LHCP polarized for our events to run smoothly, and need to have an axial ratio of .6 or greater.  This chart gives a list of antennas that worked well for IBCrazy’s 16 pilots in the air at once.  Pagoda antennas did not exist when this was created, but have an axial ratio of 1.6.

Video Receivers

The receiver only impacts you, but we have recommendations based on our experience of which ones have good sensitivity (how weak a signal can they sense) and selectivity (how well they pick out the RIGHT signal).

  • Clearview (Crazy Expensive, Crazy Awesome)
  • RX5808 Pro Diversity Based Solution (DIY)
  • Furious FPV – True D
  • RMRC Mantis
  • FR632

RC Transmitters/Receivers

The only requirement for these is that your Receiver have a failsafe setting such that when it loses connection your quad goes automatically turns from blender, into a falling rock.  If the props don’t stop spinning, you absolutely cannot fly that aircraft at our events.