April 13, 2016

Join 515FPV!

Why join 515FPV?

515FPV cannot continue to race without our members support.  Your annual dues help support our club financially, you get to help direct where our organization goes, and you get a discount on select events!

Membership is for the Calendar Year and is $50 for 2020.

Prorated memberships are available if you join later in the year:

  • January 1st-June 30th – Full Price
  • July 1-September 30th – 1/2 Price
  • October 1st-December 31st  – Full Price (membership carries over into the next year)

How do I Join?

Paypal – info@515fpv.com

Then E-Mail info@515fpv.com

Submit your membership information in this e-mail. If we don’t receive this information your membership cannot be processed!

  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • AMA Number