December 9, 2016

From Air to Stream (Screen)

Each of our pilots is flying a tiny TV station broadcasting on 5.8ghz as it screams through the air… anyone with a set of googles can pop in and peak over your shoulder, but what about people who show up without goggles?  What about people on the internet who may want to see what we are doing?

  1. Transmitter – Each airframe has one.
  2. Receiver – Each pilot we wish to record needs a receiver.
    1. Analog Receivers are the norm
    2. Future Proof for Digital Support
    3. Double Duty – Base Stations for Pilots
      1. Video output split and power provided for pilots.
      2. Mounted high for better antenna placement
      3. Umbrella style cable management, so 6 pilots stand around the array minimizing how long of cables we need.
  3. Security DVR
    1. BNC Inputs for Analog Video
    2. HDMI to Analog Converter to support Digital
  4. Output Device
    1. TV – Direct to a TV running on an Inverter
    2. AVERCAPTURE for USB capture to laptop
      1. Can then livestream/display on 2nd Monitor (TV)
      2. Open Broadcast System or the like for managing stream.

So this is the framework to get analog video into a single workstation in a format that can then be managed by Open Broadcast System… the DVR gives you an 8-up view of the cameras, my plan is to have 6 receivers showing air frame feeds, 1 camera wired and looking down on the pilots or maybe sitting at the finish line, but something like that… and the final “space” of that 8-up can be used to show the leaderboard.