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what is drone racing?

It's fast paced first person racing, using drones to keep pilots and spectators safely in the action!
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what are drones?

Drones are custom built multirotors designed specifically for racing. These drones aren’t your uncles DJI, rather they are screaming fast with agility that cannot be surpassed!

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What is FPV?

First Person View, or FPV, is flying utilizing a video feed sent back to the pilot who watches from goggles or a screen. Generally racers use a 2.4ghz transmitter to control their aircraft and a 3.3ghz or 5.8ghz video system to view their flight.

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What is MultiGP?

Multirotor Grand Prix is a competitive racing league for first-person view (FPV) radio-controlled quadcopters. Our inaugural season started in February 2015. We welcome pilots of all skill levels to participate in our events.

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What is the AMA?

515FPV is an AMA Affiliated club, to participate in our races you must be a current AMA member.

About 515FPV

Come out and join a race! All skill levels wecome!
We all had to start flying somewhere.

FPV racing is unlike any other flying you may do. The only way to improve is to come out and race with us. All skill levels are welcome!

We focus our course design on being newbie friendly while incorporating designs that will add challenge to the advanced pilot as well. Advanced pilots may take a path a newer pilot couldn't navigate, or use advanced techniques to change directions rapidly.

Not sure you're ready? Come on out and watch, after our races we will open the course for fun fly and freestyle! Have questions? Our veteran pilots will help with advice, tips, and tricks.

  • Our courses are designed to encourage precision flying and pushing you and your aircraft to their maximum potential.

  • Our racing format runs in 2 minute heats where competitors race against themselves and others to complete the most laps of the course.

  • Our courses will incorporate race gates, marker flags, and sometimes natural obstacles. Gates, Flags and Obstacles will be flown in a designated order. Gates will have a specified direction and flags a specified side to pass on.

    The line you fly is up to you! Can you find a faster way to complete the course?

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Join 515FPV

Join the club! Members get discounted rates and get to help make our club the beset it can be!

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Beat Cancer Today

Beat Cancer Today is a great cause, and 515FPV is proud to support their efforts for Childhood Cancer!

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Twisted Quads

Twisted Quads is a proud sponsor of 515FPV!

515FPV Officers

Volunteers make the drones go round...

Will Dobbins


Matt Gidel

Vice President

Chase Johannsen


Dan Frye


Zachary Jameson

Safety Officer